FFS cutting- and multi-cutting-tools

Contour cutting tools of the latest generation from Rohrer Tools are characterized by further improved cutting elements - in line with the increased requirements for processing complex film systems based on PP or PET. A new hard coating (available exclusively from Rohrer Tools) and adapted cutting geometries achieve tool lifetimes for PP and PET that are up to 100% higher than those of standard tools.

  • Coated cut parts for maximum service life
  • designed for hot filling even with PP or PET base foil
  • blind hole or push-through principle
  • available for 3 dimensional cutting shapes and more-dimensional packaging
  • incl. cup support/cup fixation or suction system
  • available with optional foil web support and residual grid take-off
  • all systems as cassette tools or as part of a complete system incl. drives
  • additionally edge cutting tools for pull tab creation

All multi-cutting-tools from Rohrer Tools are characterized by extremely high process reliability - achieved by their precise and durable switching mechanism and by individually height-adjustable notch cutting knives. Extremely low manufacturing tolerances, the use of high-quality steels and professional assembly enable the process-reliable processing of bottom foils with a thickness of less than 0.40 mm.

  • service life optimized cutting elements
  • high-precision switching mechanics
  • individually height adjustable notch cutting knives
  • exchange of cutting elements within minutes
  • integrated temperature control and cleaning function
  • 4- to 60-up and < 0,40 mm bis > 2,0 mm PS-laminats
  • all systems as cassette tools or as part of a complete system incl. drives
  • switchable scissor cutting tools for PET/PP/PLA base films

PET/PP contour and multi-cutting - the sustainable solution

Make it easy - the switch from PS to PET, PP or PLA with cutting technology from Rohrer Tools.

Contour cutting: Cutting elements with an adapted PVD hard coating, optimized geometry and a reinforced die structure guarantee maximum service life and thus longer maintenance intervals.

Multi-cutting: Patented knife geometries, the highly stable monolith design and the proven cassette technology from Rohrer Tools guarantee high life times, short maintenance intervals and outstandingly produced single cups and multi-packs. Different film thicknesses and cup configurations can be processed with one tool. All blades with perforation function are switchable and individually height-adjustable.

The result: guaranteed process and future security

  • Maximum output and longer maintenance intervals thanks to optimized cutting elements and maximized stability
  • Maximum stability due to robust monolithic construction
  • Maximum flexibility through switchable and height-adjustable cutting elements
  • Minimal downtime thanks to individually replaceable blades and star punches
  • Quick tool change through proven cassette technology
  • Best product appearance through customizable cutting elements
  • For all FFS packaging lines applicable

cassette tools

Tool exchange made fast - almost all cutting and sealing tools from Rohrer Tools are available as a cassette option. This enables a tool change within minutes. There is no need to compromise on performance, as our cassette systems are characterized by an inherently stable structure with integrated guides (monolith system).

  • fast tool exchange without lifting gear
  • optional with screwless fixing
  • cost-efficient spare tools (interchangeable for identical packaging lines)
  • proven hundreds of times for almost all applications


Every tool is only as good as its drive. Each drive unit from Rohrer Tools is designed specifically for the process, is stable and precisely mounted, and thus achieves exceptional service lives with the best possible parallelism.

  • servo or pneumatic driven
  • optionally as head drive
  • also for vertical form fill and seal packaging lines incl. die-cutting tool
  • eccentric, double eccentric, knee lever or spindle drive
  • motors/gearboxes manufacturer according to customer specification

cutting-sealing systems

Two processes combined in one setup produce reproducible and highly precise products. Both process steps are optimally matched to each other in terms of sequence and technology for specific products. Of course including stable drives and optionally with the proven cassette technology for easy service and/or format change.

  • from simple crown knife-cut to highly precise contour cut
  • from hot-sealing to ultrasonic
  • from 1-up to x-up
  • For aluminium or plastic laminates

plug-and-play modules

Leave the execution of one or more process steps to the experience of Rohrer Tools. Compact and application-specific developed and self-contained modules can be easily integrated into packaging lines due to their customer-specific connection. As always, optional drives and cassette tools are available.

  • for following processes: forming, sealing, cutting
  • process optimization and design through pre-tests in the Rohrer Tools labs
  • optional for applications in pharmaceutical-sector
  • completely assembled, tested and ready for immediate use

customized solutions

When it is a question of integrating multiple, interlocking processes in a set-up that does not exist as standard - here Rohrer Tools is the ideal partner. As an independent supplier, our main goal is to implement a process sequence safely and mechanically precisely and not to squeeze it into an existing machine concept. For us, special solutions are not a "problem".

  • competent, fast and smooth implementation
  • machine setups on smallest possible space, customized
  • high precision tool components in cassette version for all relevant process steps
  • integration of customer provided components
  • flexible in structure, finish and design - also for pharmaceutical applications

ultrasonic sealing systems

An ultrasonic process is only as good as its "sound" and the precision of the process-relevant assemblies. Here, Rohrer Tools uses the experience from cutting tool design and is thus a guarantor for excellently reproducible and stable processes. In doing so, we trustfully cooperate with the best ultrasonic producers.

  • highly accurate realized structures
  • optionaly with drive and with cassette option
  • for the processes sealing and cutting

spare and new tools for Rohrer packaging lines

For all tool components used in packaging lines of the former Rohrer AG (or also from other manufacturers), the new Rohrer Tools offers itself as a reliable partner and supplier:

  • mechanic service and toolrevision
  • optimization of tool systems and complete new tools
  • adaption of format or its extension
  • consultation support and general assistance - fast and competent
  • fast production and delivery
  • R-550 - R-560 - R-760 - R-850 - R-950 - R-960

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